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Maori Scholarships resource

Manawapopore Trust Tertiary Education Grant
For 3rd year students suffering financial hardship. Value $500, closing date February
Contact: Manawapopore Trust Trustees Executors
PO Box 760
Ph: (03) 365 4344
Fax: (03) 365 4424

Mangaorewa Kahoara Te Taumata Trust Education Grant
Descendants of owners of the Trust. Value $2000, closing date January
Contact: NZ Guardian Trust Co Ltd
PO Box 1040
Ph: (07) 349 4530
Fax: (07) 348 5975

Mangatu Blocks
Shareholders only. Closing date March
Contact: The proprietors of Mangatu Blocks
PO Box 420
Ph: (06) 867 1369
Fax: (06) 867 9541

Morikaunui and Atihau Wanganui Scholarships
For Maori Students Studying for a Degree or Diploma Students who are shareholders or direct descendants of a current shareholder in lands within and around Morikaunui and Atihau Whanganui tribal areas are eligible for this scholarship. Students attending a full-time degree/diploma programme (university studies) for a minimum period of three years continuous study may apply. Payment will be sent directly to the successful student’s institute of attendance. Closing date: 31 March each year.
Contact: The Secretaries Morikaunui and Atihau Whanganui Inc
PO Box 4035

Ohutu Scholarships (Atihau Whanganui Incorporated)
Shareholders or relatives of shareholders intending to study in a full-time course leading to a degree or diploma in agriculture, horticulture or other courses associated with primary industry.
Contact: Robson and Partners
PO Box 4035

Papawai & Kaikokirikiri Trust Board Scholarship
Cosing Date November
Contact: PO Box 114
Ph: (06) 379 8182
Fax: (06) 379 8182

Tai Tokerau Maori Trust Board Scholarship
Closing Date August
Contact: PO Box 716
Ph: (09) 438 1466
Fax: (09) 438 6772

Tauranga Moana Maori Trust Board Scholarship
Cosing date December.
Contact: PO Box 98
Ph: (07) 571 8686
Fax: (07) 571 8745

Te Runanga O Ngati Awa Scholarship
Cosing date April
Contact: PO Box 76
Ph: (07) 307 0760
Fax: (07) 307 0762

Te Runanga O Ngati Porou Scholarship
Tertiary scholarships: Fisheries & Farming. Closing date March
Contact: PO Box 226
Ph: (06) 864 8121
Fax: (06) 864 8115

Te Whanau o Waipereira Trust Scholarships
Ten scholarships are offered to Maori living in the West Auckland district. Value $1000
Contact: Chairperson
Te Whanau o Waipereira Trust
PO Box 21-081

Tuhoe Waikaremoana Maori Trust Board Scholarship
Closing Date June
Contact: PO Box 1842
Ph: (07) 348 6911
Fax (07) 348 6911

Tuirangi Te Kani Scholarship
Relevant to Maori development & enhance relationship between Maori people & whenua. Value $750- $2,000. Closing date December.
Contact: Tauranga Moana Trust Board
PO Box 98
Ph: (07) 571 8686
Fax: (07) 571 8745

Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board Scholarship
Closing date June
Contact: Private Bag
Ph: (07) 386 8832
Fax (07) 386 8235

Wairoa Waikaremoana Maori Trust Board Scholarship
Closing date March 14
Contact: PO Box 162
Ph: (06) 838 8262

Whakatohea Maori Trust Board Scholarship
Closing date April
Contact: PO Box 207
Ph: (07) 315 6150
Fax (07) 315 7968

Oruku Maori Lands Trust Scholarship
People affiliated with the Trust studying agriculture or horticulture at Massey or Lincoln University.
Contact: Trust Officer NZ Guardian Trust Co. Ltd
PO Box 1040

Whanganui Trust Education Grants for Maori Students
The educational grants are distributed every year. Eligible students are those who are shareholders or direct descendants of a current shareholder. Grants will be considered to those applying for assistance in attending full-time Universities, Tertiary Institutions and 7th form students only. If your application is successful,
payment will be forwarded to the University of Institution on your behalf. Applicants must apply for assistance every year. Value: $700 per annum. Closing date: 31 March each year.
Contact: The Secretary
Whanganui Trust
PO Box 4035

Ngai Tahu Scholarships
$185,500 in funding for education has been allocated to the tertiary sector. $75,000 has been allocated to grants for any full-time course of no less than a year. Allocation of funding will be based upon level of achievement, cultural commitment, financial assessment and being enrolled on the Ngai Tahu register.
Focused - $21,000 Scholarships each of $2500 will be made available in the following subjects; Commerce Property Management, Sciences, Natural Resources, Social Sciences, Tutoring, Te Reo Maori.
Scholarships each of $2000 will be made in the following fields; Te Rangakura Teacher Training Course, Design College of New Zealand.
Scholarships each of $2000 will be made available to any applicants studying in the research and evaluation field.
General - $45,000 Scholarships will be made available, to the value of $1500, open to any subject of study, but must have a proven successful academic achievement results; applicants must have completed their first year of study.
Post-graduate Study of $45,000
Six post-graduate scholarships offered. Five scholarships offered of $5000 to post-graduate applicants in any given subject. One scholarship of $20,000 for a PhD student in any subject, includes specific study overseas.
Contact: Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu
PO Box 13046
Ph: (03) 366-4344
Fax: (03) 365 4424

Tainui Maori Trust Board Scholarships
The following scholarships are only available to students registered on the Tainui Maori Trust Board’s Roll of Beneficiaries.

Pei Te Hurinui Jones Travel Scholarship
Available to postgraduate students and recognised scholars and is also available to students who are registered on the Maniapoto Maori Trust Board Tribal Register.
Successful candidates will visit the United Kingdom and complete a project of benefit to Waikato-Maniapoto. Each scholarship consists of a return airfare to the Unite Kingdom and a grant of $5000 to meet expenses.

Tainui Maori Trust Board Education Grant
Available to full-time and part-time undergraduate students. Applications close 3 March 1998.

Tumate Mahuta Memorial Scholarship
Available to full-time and part-time post-graduate students. Applications closes 3 March 1998.

Tumate Mahuta Memorial Waikato Raupatu Postgraduate Scholarships
For students enrolled at the University of Waikato. Two awards for DPhil students of $20,000 annually. Six awards Masters students of $10,000 annually. Same awards available for students enrolled in the University of Auckland. Applications close 15 November 1997. For further information and application forms
Contact: The Acting Board Secretary
Tainui Maori Trust Board
Private Bag 542
Ph: (07) 824-8689

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